Impressions of the IMCB22

Have a look at what happend at the IMCB22.


PhD students from all continents kick off the 25th International Metropolis Conference!

The IMCB22 already started on Sunday with a PhD forum with 18 PhD students and their pitch on their work about migration.


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On the first day of the conference, we welcomed our participants and offered various study tours to introduce our host city Berlin.

Practical impressions and new impulses: 12 guided tours gave practical insights into the themes of the conference and offered an impression of Berlin.

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Talking about impact of multiple crises on migration and mobility.

Tuesday marked the first day of the official IMCB22 programme, including plenaries and workshops. The overall topic was the 'Impact of multiple crises on migration and mobility.'

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Discussing the impact of climate change, technological development and the future of work in the context of migration.

On Wednesday our moderator Sumi Somaskanda welcomed about 400 participants to the 2nd main day of the IMCB22.

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Debating the conditions for fair migration

On Thursday over 400 participants at the IMCB22 discussed the theme of fair migration.

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Reflecting on the future of migration

On the last day of the conference, 350 participants attended the high-level forum, which reflected on the conference and discussed the future of migration – drivers and opportunities.

During our wrap-up event, members of the International Steering Committee praised the conference attendees for their calls for bold leadership on migration research and policy, which will help to continue the momentum of the Metropolis International research-policy nexus.

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